You bought a what? Where?

After a wonderful decade in the city, weekends once spent exploring Melbourne’s laneways, festival and markets soon became camping trips and day dreaming of what life would be like living in the country.

When we outgrew our small, 2 bedroom house in the inner north, we  started looking at what we could afford that was both larger and in the same general location. Quickly we learned that in order to stay local we would need to go quite far afield to suburbs that didn’t the same feel as what we were leaving.

We picked our heads up and looked to the horizon. The country. Big change but we both felt the tingle of excitement that comes when you’ve stumbled on the right option.

The search began online and then quickly turned to visiting open houses in our chosen area – Kyneton. Our farm was the third one we looked at.

It ticked most of the boxes:

  • 5+ acres (14 in total)
  • water available on the property (2 dams and a bore)
  • opportunity for garden
  • something unique and different (1880s and full of charm)
  • water tanks (2 older tanks)
  • possibility for guest house (studio and large out building)
  • 3+ bedrooms (only 2 in main house)
  • Solar (no solar, but space for solar)
  • Sheds (all of the sheds!)
  • near V-Line train station (Kyneton and Malmsbury)
  • Pretty land (something different to everyone, but I like it )

We bid and got lucky.

2 thoughts on “You bought a what? Where?

  1. In addition to cash, you need to likewise consider your way of life.
    Do you wish to be accountable for repair services and
    maintenance, or choose a landlord manage that?


    1. Hi Lionel.
      The farm will be our full time home. We though about trying to keep our city home as an investment property but in the end it wasn’t financially viable. Farmer Bob works from home and will be able to take time through the day to do farm chores. I’ll pitch in on weekends. We both know that we are in for one heck of a learning curve but we are looking forward to it. I grew up on a small farm and remember all of the hard work and joy that accompanies rural living. Hopefully we will be able to make a little surplus (honey, eggs etc) in addition to growing or raising a lot of what we need and sell that at markets. Whatever happens, it will be an adventure!
      If you have any tips, I would be most appreciative!
      Country Mouse


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