Where are the bodies buried again?

Farmer Bob and I just returned from an afternoon with the current owners of the farm. After a cuppa, they were kind enough to take us on a guided tour of the property to show us where things were, which doors we have to kick three times before opening and where the best land is for growing veggies.

I can not express how helpful this was and how grateful Farmer Bob and I are that we were able to have this time. Take notes, make a map (bring a print out if possible) and ‘listen up good’!

The most interesting thing we learned was that our house used to be the Post Office so we are literally living in the town centre… Of sorts.

If at all possible I recommend finding out about:

  • Where the septic system is and how it works. Depending on how old the farm is, this may be more challenging than it sounds.
  • What tanks are connected to what.
  • Where the bore pump is and at what pressure the pump should run.
  • Where the best soil is.
  • The quirks of the pump and/or hot water service
  • Where the bodies are buried. I mean literally. There may be bodies from ye’ olde times, pets or farm animals. I don’t know about you, but I would rather know to expect bones (and that they are sheep) than the alternative.
  • Which neighbours are the craziest.
  • Who are the good ‘tradies’?
  • What the shed/house is made from. Depending on the age of the property, there might be asbestos in the walls, floors or roofs of the buildings. It is better to know where it is than not.
  • Where is the DIY construction – I grew up in a house that was plumbed by a left handed plumber. This meant that everything was backwards – turning on the water, hot water on the cold water side etc. in our farm this means things like one wall of the museum is structural with steel beams, the other two are not. My luck, I would have attcked the steel one first, so I’m glad we asked!

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