Today I grumbled…

It’s usually the second question people ask about the move to the country and is often accompanied by ‘the face’. That scrunched up, sort of sad face, with the squinty eyes … “How’s the commute?”

A lot longer than it was two months ago, thanks. It takes about 2 hours door to door for me to get to work. I take the 7:11am train into Southern Cross which takes about an hour. Then, and this is where the time starts to pile up, I take a Metro train out to the office (another 30 minutes) and then walk from the station to the office (another 10 minutes). Yes, it’s epic.


And here it comes… But, I really don’t mind. So far, I have been reasonably successful at working on the trains. The V-line seats are spacious and comfortable and some of the trains have tray tables. I just pop my computer on the table, tether my phone and log in to my work email. I email, read documents, write reports taking advantage of the quiet that dopey morning travellers affords.  At the end of the day I leave a little early and repeat the process. Not too shabby.


It is true that I am absolutely exhausted at the end of the day and I am turning lemons into lemonade.  If it works long term, it will be a good thing.

That aside, I had a freak out the other day. I have an event in the city on Wednesday evening. This means that trains will be few and far between and I will be riding the rails late in the evening. We are still working with one car at the moment, so driving requires a bit of planning.

I solved this one – Farmer Bob shuffled his schedule around so that he will be in the city on Wednesday as well and we can travel home together. But for the future, I am going to have to find a way to be able to have evenings in the city with regularity. I’m not sure what the answer is yet.

And today, I grumbled about my commute today. Track works and busses replacing trains for the whole week! Travel time is extended by 30-45 minutes and there is a bus involved – I’m not a fan. At the end of my grumbly commute I came home to a full, bright rainbow spanning our back paddock. It was magical. I don’t think I have ever seen a full arc rainbow before.


It had just rained, so the ground smelled like soil and worms, raindrops glistened at the curly tips of the grapevine. The lavender breathed out cool, fresh air. It made me remember why we moved in the first place.




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