Treasures in the soil

We’ve hit the month and a half mark on the farm and we’re bedding in well. Settlement came and went on the City House which let Farmer Bob and I release a breath we didn’t even know we were holding. We let go of the past and we’re looking ahead.

Everything’s unpacked and things are finding their spots in cupboards and sheds. It’s starting to feel like home.

We’ve got a copy of ‘The List’ on the fridge and we’re adding to it every day. Before the move we both (naively) through that we would power through The List and have solar in, our garden planted, chooks in the shed and bees in the hive. Now, we say ” Just put it on the list…” and laugh heartily. We’ll get there, but it takes time.

I’ve been throwing myself into the garden. I find that hard maintenance is both a balm to the spirit and is a good way to get to know the soil, what plants are where and what the options are for planting. The first task was cutting back the grapevine. After a day of battle with the vine I came away with a few lessons.

First, grapevine will make you its servant if you do not keep on top of it. It is fast growing, strong and can find its way into cracks that you can’t even see!

Second, a tarp can be a great tool in the garden. I started collecting cuttings in a small cart (or tub bungee corded to a cart).


This worked well for about 30 seconds when the cart became full. Right. I went into the shed – a place that is becoming a magical fairy land of wonderful bits and pieces – and came out with a tarp.


Now to move it. Ah HA! my keychain….


Amazingly worked well as a handle.


Beautiful. Now I can drag a full tarp of clippings to the burn pile (for later in the season) easily. Good-o!


After a few loads of clippings I happened to look down and found a beautiful ceramic whistle in the soil. It was a lovely way to end a very hot and sweaty day and a good reminder that people have been working this land for many many years. Humbling.


2 thoughts on “Treasures in the soil

  1. Is that heather, the purple stuff lol? Good job on a lot of very hard yet rewarding labor! ! The whistle was a gift, a very cool one indeed. I’m enjoying the country mouse blog. Thanks and keep it coming Alison! Love to see how your life is going. Hi Heath!!


    1. Hi Kate. Thanks 😀 it was a reward after a hard day of work. The purple flowers are lavender. Lots and lots of it. So much so that the place smells of lavender on hot days an ypu can hear the bees buzzing away.


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