Getting your hands dirty.

I don’t like to wear gloves. That said, I like the idea of getting bitten by a spider even less. Gloves it is.

I’ve looked in several hardware and gardening stores for a good set of gloves, preferably leather, that I can wear all day to protect my hands. I’ve come away frustrated as all I can find in ‘lady sizes’ are cloth or cloth dipped in rubber. I need something more have duty that fits me and doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing Grandpa’s gloves. Apparently, us ladies aren’t supposed to get dirty. Stuff that!

The answer – motorcycle gloves. These gloves are for dirt bike riding but are well sized, touch as nails and breathe well. You can find them and others like them in any large store that carries protective gear or motorbike riding. Until they make rough and tough lady sized leather gardening gloves, these are working well.


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