Moments of joy.

The other day I focused on a low point – our Triple F day.  Today, I’ll remember  the successes.

Fruit – There are several productive fruit trees on the farm that have generously given us a bumper crop of plums, grapes and lemons. The plums were prolific and amazing as were the lemons. There were so many of them that no one who visited us left without a bag of plums and lemons. Postman, plumber, electrician even the postman left with fruit.


We even ate them fresh off the tree…


Another success is the chookens! We’ve gathered a random flock of 12 Isa Browns, 2 bantams and a silkie. The Isas are most prolific egg layers with 12 eggs daily. I’ve made so many frittatas that I’ve lost count.


A new favourite tradition is Saturday morning eggs. Sometimes the ladies out-do themselves. We regularly get double yolkers and one poor girl lays a 94g egg!




And flowers!

So, despite the setbacks it’s been a most enjoyable few months!





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