One of the first creatures Farmer Bob and I added to our rural menagerie was the humble chicken. Chickens are Farm Animal 101 – if they are looked after, they are pretty easy to get along with. Eggs are the goal so we decided on 12 Isa Browns, a breed well known for their high egg production. They are gregarious, social and will do most anything for kitchen scraps. They have been dubbed the Smiths because they all look very similar. They are egg laying machines and in the summer months lay between 10-13 eggs a day.


The thing about chickens is that they multiply…you start with 12 and then (mysteriously) you end up with more. It wasn’t long before we added some ‘Fancy Pants’ chickens to the flock.

Elvis, a little black Silkie,  and Nana, a Buff Sussex, are the best of friends. They roost together, fossick about together and spend most days in each other’s company.


Coles and Houdini (she earned her name on several occasions) are bantams – black and one blue (grey). They are tiny (adorable) and generally stick together.

The final three came together from someone who needed to re-home them. The Eagles – two large white Brahmas and Frizzle, a small brown frizzled chicken.


That’s the flock. The ladies…the fluffy butts. They keep up on our toes, devour our veggie scraps and in return, give us lovely fresh eggs.


One thought on “Chickens!

  1. What a lovely commentary ..your chicks are gorgeous. Locked your little write up … Funny how our Chooks jeep multiplying 🙂 🙂


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