Meet the Moos

We’ve taken the plunge – baby moo cows!

The baby moos arrived about two weeks ago and the Farmer told us they were about 5 days old – too young for this week’s veal truck and too old for next week’s. They are both boys which to a farmer does not hold much value other than for veal or to sell off.

Our plan is to kindly raise them for meat. It was always part of the plan to raise our own meat and this is the beginning of that journey. I firmly believe that if I choose to eat meat, I want to know that it has had a good, healthy life and has been happy.   We will need to bottle feed them for about 2-3 months and then they should wean and eat the lush green paddock grass. We will raise them for 1-1.5 years.


They feed twice per day and drink 2.5 litres of baby cow formula in each feed. We supplement them with pony food which the guy at the feed store (rightly) told us was like candy to cows.

We have not given them names on purpose because, as I’m told, you don’t name your dinner. They are pretty cute though 🙂

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