Mr. Roo & the crazy chicken lady

Ah the mighty chicken. Sturdy, curious and the closest living thing to a dinosaur I’ll ever meet. My chooks give me great joy. Now, in saying that I understand that one might dub me a ‘crazy chicken lady’. Fair enough, I’ll own that one proudly.


The day comes in every ‘crazy chicken lady’s’ life where she considers getting a rooster… or Roo as we refer to them in the biz. Roosters are majestic, beautiful and loud as heck at 5:30 in the morning!

The benefits of a Roo obvious – they are beautiful, they look after the hens and, if you’re lucky, mean that one day there will be baby chicks. The flip side is the early morning seranade, the chance that they will become aggressive to their humans and did I mention the crack of dawn trumpeting?

Farmer Bob and I are part of a local Buy Swap, Sell site – a wonderful place for all manner of wierd and wacky things from furniture to car parts to lost dogs to farm animals. I was perusing the site one day and happened to see a post from someone local looking to rehome their rooster. They had had him for 3 years and he had sired several clutches of chicks. They wanted to diversify the genetic pool of their flock. I reached out and within 24 hours Mr Roo (formerly Rope named by the family’s 3 year old) joined our family.


Mr Roo is a gentle soul and looks after the ladies well. He calls them over when he finds a juicy bug or a nice patch of grass. One of the unexpected benefits of his entry into the flock is that it stopped all fights among the ladies and brought relative harmony to the coop. Who knew!


He is, however, an early riser and 5:30am without fail we get a fervent cock-a-doodle-doo! from the coop. He only crows a few times and then waits to be let out when we get up, which is nice of him. I’ve gotten used to his joyful morning routine, but then again I’m a heavy sleeper. He also crows in the mid-afternoon around 3:00pm and periodically thorough the day. I like the sound… it makes it feel farmy around the joint.

Welcome Mr Roo!

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