Farmer Bob and I have been looking for a farm dog on and off since we moved. We hoped a dog would be a companion for us and would keep us alerted to creatures and guests alike.

We didn’t really mind what type of dog we ended up with but we wanted a creature that was kind, smart and good with people. We visited lots of animal shelters and finally found a winner. So, about three months back, Farmer Bob and I adopted Frost, a Siberian Husky from the local RSPCA.

She’s very friendly and full of energy (reading between the lines needs lots and lots of exercise) and very helpful around the house. Here she is cleaning up after out four legged lawn mowers (gross!).


Huskies, I come to find out, can run up to 150 miles per day at a slow pace and can travel at speeds up to 30mph. Holy crowly! Unfortunately, we can’t trust her out of the fenced in areas because we have farmers in the area on high alert from recent loose dog attacks on stock and a main road not too far away. If a farmer sees a loose dog on their land the are well within their rights to shoot the dog.  We don’t want her to get hurt or cause an accident.

She is a mischief monkey though and loves to play, dig and be with you.

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