Toys of the trade

Farmer Bob is an avid motorcycle enthusiast… not the Sons of Anarchy kind, more of the Wild Hogs breed. He has had a bike since he was in high school and has never looked back.

One thing we quickly realised is that 14 acres feels really big when you are working in the back paddock and the tools you need are in the shed… all the way over there! A few back and forth trips are fine but after a while, it gets a little old.

We decided to consider adding an Ag Bike to our garage. Now, not being a petrol head myself, I had absolutely no clue what and Ag Bike was. Come to find out that it’s a very basic, reasonably inexpensive, bomb proof dirt bike that farmers use to get around, herd stock or cross the creeks in the winter months. Perfection! We ended up with this little number. It’s red and matches the tractor so I like it. And its got blah blah CCs of power and a blah blah, so Farmer Bob likes it too.


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