Saving Water

Living without town supplied water gives you a very different respect for how water is used, in the city we just turned on the tap and water came out, things have changed!

Now days capturing rain water is the new normal, on the wood shed there is a small 600 Litre (160 Gallon) tank the pipe to the tank was broken and the remaining worse for wear.

In true Farmer Bob style a half job was not an option so all the pipes were removed and replaced to ensure ongoing collection of rain water from the wood shed roof.

Bit of 90mm pipe couple of 90 degree parts a T connector, couple of screws and job was done 😀

Farmer Bob

One thought on “Saving Water

  1. Interesting that you may collect rain water. Here in Colorado USA it is illegal to collect rain water. Water Rights and recharge rates for underground aquifers are calculated based upon rainfall – so we can’t mess with that. I do like your idea… If only we could do the same.

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