Chicken Politics

Ah, the joys of chicken politics. What is that, you ask? Well…chickens are a little bit of drama! One of our lovely hens, Frizzle, is getting picked on by Mr Roo. I mean mercilously picked on. He sees her and chases her, stands on her back and pecks at her head. He is such a good Roo to the other chookies but not poor Frizz.


It gotten so bad that she’s lost all the feathers on her head, some from her neck and back. We’ve had to seperate her out from the flock in her own space to recover. Farmer Bob and I would like to have all our girls together in one spot but chicken politics is preventing it.

Friz is recovering nicely. She’s soaking up the cuddles, special treats and rooster-less coop. (Don’t mind the abundant crop of nettles in the foreground!)


On a more positive note, we also have a Mumma Hen! One of the Eagles (brahma hens) decided that she was going to go broody. Yippee! Hens sit on eggs for 21 days and then, if you’re lucky, you have adorable little puff balls.


I’ve never raised chickens from eggs. We’ve always bought pullets or day old chicks. But this time, we doing it the old fashioned way. Mumma is sitting on 17 eggs. I’ hoping that at least half hatch. Today is day 20… not long now.

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