‘Ol Boots

Boots. Something so simple but so important. The farm has taught me a good pair of boots are essential. Because our farm is so old, there are bits and pieces left in the soil from people who came before us. Pottery, tin, nails, bones and glass. Even if These could be avoided, there is the dreaded stinging nettle. Once you’ve met this plant, you will not forget it.


My boots, crusty steel toed Blundstones, are wonderful for deflecting unwanted advances of stinging nettles.

We have a nettle infestation on the farm. The cows won’t eat them, the chooks won’t eat them so, I’ve decided that I will. First recipe is the simplest – nettle tea. I saw it in the organic shop and investigated. Among a host of things it is meant to be an Immunity booster, antihistamine, anti-arthritis… grand.

I donned garden gloves and a long sleeve jumper and picked two large bouquets of it, tied them together and hung  upside down in a shed until crisp. I then crunched up the leaves. (Full disclosure – still stings even when dry!)

When mixed half and half with dry peppermint leaves (and a touch of honey) it’s quite nice.
I’ve also been adding it to the chooks oatmeal (treat every now and then) and they gobble it up!

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