Cutting tin

Farmer Bob and I have been doing some work around the place. This involves becoming an *expert* in any number of tasks that neither of us ever conceived of. One of which is dealing with corrugated iron. Our farmstead is clad in the stuff from fences, to sheds to rooflines.

It’s a great material… sturdy, weather proof and ages really well. Cutting it however, is a different story. Farmer Google recommended that we try a nibbler which is a tool that is purpose built to cut corrugated tin sheets. It works by ‘nibbling’ small pieces of metal from the sheet allowing the user to make complicated curves or patterns. Perfect. You can get them as a stand alone tool ($600-$800 – yikes!) or an attachment for a drill ($40-$50). We went with the budget option.

We gave it a try and the results were less than desirable. It was slow, loud and kept getting stuck. Right. Next option… the old fashioned way – Tin Snips! Tins snips are basically really heavy duty scissors that cut through most anything.


Success! Good thing Farmer Bob has strong hands. Corrugated iron (I call it tin) cut and project complete. I won’t share the finished product with you just yet … but I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the Studio!


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