Chicken Doctor

One of the key learnings from farm life is being more self-sufficient. This holds true in everything from repairs, to gardening to doctoring ‘The Zoo’. I’ve joined several online forums (how in the world did the old timeys do it without Farmer Google!) that have been very helpful in building my skill set managing chicken ills.

The other day I noticed one of my hens limping. I picked her up, flipped her over and had a look at her feet. She had bumblefoot. It seems that when chickens sustain an injury to their foot the pus forms a hard kernel in their flesh. This bumble is quite sore. You can remove small ones at home by soaking the foot in warm Epsom salts water and then work the bumble out.


After you’re done, just wrap the foot and put the bird in quarantine for a few days to keep it clean. I’m happy to say that she has healed well and is doing well. Country Mouse 1 : Bumble Foot 0.

Next it was poor Mr Roo with an eye infection. Poor guy. Off to the vet we went and ended up with three different types of antibiotic before he started to improve. ‘Ya ever try to give a pill to a rooster… not the easiest thing. We came to an arrangement. I medicate him after dark and he accepts that.


And finally the babies! We ended up with 22 chicks from 4 hatches. They are all at various state of growth and are doing well.


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