Grandpa would be proud!

Firstly a moment of silence, the handle broke on the coffee machine, sure it is 4 or 5 years old making the grind everyday but seriously how will we survive?

Sure Farmer Bob looked at replacing the dismembered piece, $88 for a replacement, in true Grandpa style it was time to hit the Tool Shed, no whipper snapper is going to take my $88!

Removing the broken part of the handle revealed the secret thread, look like a normal bolt, have handle length bolts in the shed and quicker than you can say the cows in the vegie patch, new handle installed, saving $88, sure doesn’t look as good as the original but will work as well and if it breaks Grandpa has plenty more bolts where that came from 😉

Farmer Bob

IMG_6836.JPG  IMG_6838.JPG-3

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