Progress Notes – Frost

Almost a year ago, we adopted a dog from the local RSPCA – a husky named Frost. We think that she’s about 4 years old and she has a few behavioural issues that we are working on.

Apparently, Huskies are headstrong, stubborn and have the boundless energy of the Energizer Bunny. If this is the case, she is a Husky through and through.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s come such a long way in terms of bonding with Farmer Bob and I, learning boundaries with the cats, chooks and cows and sheep. She is far from perfect and has gone on several ‘walk abouts’ but always comes home – a little dirty and tired, but home.


Frost upon returning from an unauthorised walk about. 

She will never be a watch dog or a farm dog as she is too interested in chasing creatures as opposed to protecting them. However, she is a lovely companion and that means a lot. I believe that she is trying to figure out what her crazy humans want from her. Her wolfish instinct is strong and leads her to chase and run. We are getting there.


Watch dog, Frost. 

I often find it amazing how far kindness, consistency and patience goes with animals. The same goes for people. We can learn a lot from the forgiving nature of animals. Frost has taught us that communicating has false starts but the perseverance is worth it, that there is joy in a good run with an orange ball, has reinforced the pleasure in getting your nose dirty, that treats should be savoured and has reminded us that no matter what, flash a smile and all is forgiven.


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