Breaking … uh fixing things

One of the dot points on “The List” was to fit out the studio as a guest house.

From what we can tell, the studio was used by the previous owner as an artist’s retreat where she made custom textiles. Pretty neat! The building came to us well insulated with lots of windows and cupboard space. There was electricity  but no water.

So Farmer Bob and I set out to fix up the building by adding a kitchen sink, minimal kitchen, shower and toilet. Of course, we needed to make a heck of a lot of mess before we finished.

One of the first tasks was the kitchen sink.


And then the shower….

A work in progress….


It took us about 4 times longer than we planned but we are finally done. Hurrah! We are both happy with the outcome and have welcomed 3 sets of guests who reported that is was warm, comfortable and welcoming.

One task to check off the list!

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