Who is the Country Mouse?

Country Mouse is your average city girl with a full time job, house in the inner north of Melbourne, two cats and an addiction to chocolate ice cream. In November 2015 Country Mouse and partner bought a farm an hour outside of the city and put their inner city pad on the market. This surprised no one.

City Mouse grew up on a small farm in northern New Jersey in the USA. Wanderlust and itchy feet took her from New Jersey to Melbourne where she has lived since 2006. City Mouse loves Melbourne – especially the inner north with its bohemian leanings, hipster cafe culture,  a rainbow of people and a diversity of offerings. Still, the Mouse missed the country.

Country Mouse vowed to live in the City as long the list of reasons to stay was longer than the list of reasons to go. It seems the scales have tipped and it’s time to seek a simpler life in the sticks!

Together Country Mouse and her partner Farmer Bob are about to embark on an adventure in the form of a farm.

The farm was built in the 1880s by a family of Dutch immigrants who came to Australis seeking their fortune during the gold rush, this 14 acre property has 2 seasonal dams, paddocks and several outbuildings. Country Mouse and Farmer Bob will be the third owners of the farm.

Country Mouse and Farmer Bob hope to make their farm self sufficient, off the grid and a haven for themselves and their guests. Join us and follow along as the dream becomes a reality.